A name, a Method. V.D.A.M.

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The Quantic Theoretical-Practical Method V.D.A.M. (Dynamic Artistic Voice Merlo) – Italian Interpretation Art – created by Carlo Merlo more than 40 years ago in Rome and then taught and applied all over Italy as well as abroad for Actor’s Formation and Specialization, modern and avant-garde, has formed the most famous Italian and foreign artists of the last generations from Europe to Asia (INDIA) right up to America (Hollywood, L.A.) in the best Institutes, Academies, Schools, National and International Universities of artistic formation among which: RAI (Italia Radio Television), CSC (Experimental Centre of Cinematography) of Rome, INDA (National Institute of Ancient Drama) of Siracusa, Gigi Proietti’s School, CTA (Theatre Ateneo Centre) in the University LA SAPIENZA of Rome, CAM (Music Activities Centre) International Music and Theatre Festival of Zumaia – SPAGNA, Theatre de l’Octroi – Versailles – FRANCIA, ICE (International Centre of Education) of Pondicherry – INDIA, Teatro Nacional of San José – COSTA RICA, and up to UCLA (University of California Los Angeles) of Hollywood – USA, etc.

V.D.A.M. Method, analyzed in various Degree Theses (University La Sapienza of Rome, DAMS of Bologna, University of Calabria), besides being an innovative real Voice and Scenic interpretation technique, of Greek and classical origins, is intended to strengthen the expressiveness and the personality of every artist’s category (actors, singers, dancers), for being “credible” both on stage and on the set. Based on the V.C.S. training (Voice-Body-Space training), it develops on three theoretical levels of Scenic Interpretation: Artistic Reflection, Artistic Meditation and Artistic Intuition. The theoretical part is supported by a technical-practical part, which has to develop itself through a perfect and balanced consciousness of its own psychophysical abilities, for a sublime interpretative elevation. That is to say, the artist has to develop a great flexibility, not only physical but also mental-emotional, at an artistic level for a stronger cultural enrichment.

Finalized to complete the Actor’s technique, able to express itself in the variety of performing canals: from Theatre to Cinema and TV, V.D.A.M. Method suits the 3rd Millennium for its modernity, yet respecting classical values and safeguarding Art memory of Interpretation in western tradition. V.D.A.M. follows the “Scenic Art’s Ecology” defense which makes use of no technological artifice’s help, such as the use of microphone amplification, without precluding today’s use, but only after taking consciousness of its own technical-interpretative abilities. A Method which bases itself not on the quantity but on the quality of exercises, allowing every actor to set out into an inner research too, in order to approach through practice that artistic virtuosity which has characterized the past in Italy and in Europe.

For the first time in the history of the Show, the University ROMA TRE public a Studies Thesis only and exclusively on the Italian method “TECHNICAL ACTOR: METHOD V.D.A.M. (Dynamic Artistic Voice Merlo) The Art of the Italian Scenic Interpretation”. Year 2011

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